Monday, 19 November 2012

You Cheeky Monkey

15th-19th November 2012

Despite having less free time last week, I've gained more free time this week in the mornings, before my 12-8 shifts (Friday 10-6). I still have Thursday and Saturday free. Last week through to today I have been working really hard on setting the enemy movement pattern for the game.Mainly by creating byte tables to represent the enemy object type, start position (X and Y), movement speed, direction and their proposed behavior patterns. 

So far I have gone as far as the beginning of level 2 - but other levels seem to be somewhat shorter to play - but those will be a lot harder. Especially when I add the mean deadly spiders into that stage. So hopefully as soon as all enemies are in place, I can start getting them to shoot and have more of a proper game by next week.

Today, I added a new enemy to the second level. Take a guess what that one is? ... That's right it's a cheeky monkey. My target is to get all enemies in place by Friday, (I have all day Thursday and Saturday this week). I can work on the shooting tactics for the enemies, and also add some additional game play and a quick front end. Sadly it looks as if the game will not be 100% finished for the RGCD game compo, but who knows what could happen next week?

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