Saturday, 24 November 2012

A week of disaster

20th - 24th November 2012

Over the week or so. The enemy movement patterns were being worked on. I thought that things were looking pretty good for this part of the project. Unfortunately I ended up getting myself completely lost with the enemy tables, and their behavior. I programmed a routine to allow certain enemies to shoot, according to their behavior table. The shooting turned into a big disaster. Wrong enemies were shooting, and on level 3 the enemy tables didn't work right. Perhaps I missed entering one or two of the values of the element for one of the enemies. Because of this fault the entire enemy table turned into a complete disaster.

I was hoping to get a 16KB cartridge version of the game finished this week in time for RGCD's 16KB cartridge competition. Unfortunately the overall result turned sour. Therefore, due to lack of time - because of work. I have made a decision that I shall withdraw my entry from the competition I am aware that it is very easy to fix, but it unfortunately takes a long time to process. The enemy tables will have to be restarted from scratch. That will probably take another 2 weeks. I am still determined to get this game finished, but sadly not in time for the RGCD cartridge compo.

Update 25/11/2012
After the success of fixing the problem with the enemy shooting, and nearly past the half way mark with this project. There is a positive side that there could actually be an RGCD 2012 entry of this game. I think it is possible that some of the elements will have to be ignored for the game, until after the competition entry has been submitted. Additional elements such as a high score table, a decent ending, etc. will have to wait longer. 

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