Sunday, 11 November 2012


10th - 11th November 2012

With the deadline coming closer, and closer. A lot of work is required to be done for Amazon Tales. I'm not too sure whether or not I will meet the deadline for the 16KB cart compo, due to extended hours at work - through to Christmas (Reducing my free time even more). I will try my best to get Amazon Tales ready in time for 30th November, but cannot really promise anything spectacular.

Yesterday I have been working on some additional routines and also behaviour tables for each of the enemies. Each byte in the behaviour table has a different type of behaviour for the enemies. They vary from moving up and down at the bottom part of the screen, or the top part of the screen. Or shoot a bullet at a certain direction. I didn't get round to getting the enemies to shoot yet, as I wanted to concentrate more on the attack movement speed, and position. I got myself lost with this attack wave thing yesterday, so I had to rewrite the position and speed tables to how they were beforehand.

Today I have been working on getting level 1's enemies positioned. At the start of the game we originally had four enemies moving across the screen (Two going a different direction). To make things easier for the first level, I updated the tables, where at the start, you have 2 enemies to attack, then the number gradually increases it. I also got the great big tigers to move up and down via the behaviour patterns. This worked quite nicely :)

On Wednesday/Thursday, I shall be working on adding enemies to level 2 (The dark forest), which will include the monkeys at a certain height. Introduce another new enemy, then as the week progresses, work on the remaining four levels. 

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  1. Hey Richard - just remember that as long as you get something entered (80% even) that runs on a cart you can still participate in the compo! Most people work on their games a bit more after the deadline if they want to release the game for the public on cartridge :)