Tuesday, 2 November 2010

We've pushed SEUCK to it's limits! - Nyaaaah!

2nd November 2010

I have left this blog alone for a while, but production is going quite well with Nyaaaah! - 15th Anniversary Edition. After successfully importing the game project's work file into the SEUCK Redux source code, I managed to fit in some power ups, to enhance game play, additional in game enhancements and even a brand new front end. Things for me to do before the game is finished, is add a high score detection, a GET READY and GAME OVER sequence and END SEQUENCE. And of course adding the new score/status into the bottom border inside the game.

Implementing the new front end into the game's source was a bit of a bugger, due to the original title screen IRQ used in it. Thankfully I had a solution to this problem, which was to program my own IRQ inside the title screen code. Well, I wanted the Nyaaaah! logo to swing left and right, and I also wanted a scroll text with music. All seems to look good so far. There's still some work to put into the game, itself but hopefully in a couple of weeks time or so, I should be ready to release this game into the Public Domain.

Below is a mock up of the status bar, I plan for inside the game - to make it look less SEUCK. :)