Monday, 5 November 2012

Give it some POW

5th November 2012

As I said yesterday, from now through to the deadline. I am going to committing my free time available in the mornings (before work) to get this project finished. Mainly because the deadline for the 16KB cartridge compo is getting closer and closer.

Yesterday, I got the player to shoot at the enemies, and kill the enemies. Now today, I did some more to the shooting routine. The player shoots bullets but the enemies had no death animation whatsoever. Alf also didn't supply me with a proper death animation for the enemies. So I drew a POW style explosion sprite, consisting of 2 frames. Then I created a subroutine which will animate the explosion sprite on the player bullet, if an enemy is killed.

Well, that routine was quite effective. However, I noticed a small bug in which turned the player's bullet pink an displayed that for a short time while flashing the explosion. To resolve this problem, I altered the sprite settings so that the bullet sprite is NOT available until after the explosion has finished and the bullet sprite has been homed.

Wammo - Take that you dangerous creature!

The last thing I did today (since time was pressing on) was correct the settings for the sprites. (Big tigers) so that they are linked together correctly, and also the player can only shoot if the fire button is pressed, and not held.

My next task will be to get the scoring to work, enable the enemy/player collision and then get the player to die and lose lives.But that can wait until tomorrow morning. As I have to get ready and go and work 12pm-8pm soon.

Hopefully on Thursday, during my day off work  I can get the enemies ready for all of the levels. Then work on enemy shooting (As I want monkeys throwing stuff at the player, the pygmy's firing darts and spear throwing guards as well.

I think although the free time I have is too short (due to 12-8 shifts in a busy warehouse) I am feeling quite positive that I can reach the deadline for this a 16KB version of this game project.

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