Sunday, 4 November 2012

Let me at 'em!

4th November 2012

It's been a small session on Amazon Tales today, but the game engine's getting around quite well although pretty slowly. I feel I should commit a lot of free time on this during the upcoming 3 weeks or so, due to the deadline for the RGCD 16KB cartridge game competition, which is looming closer, and closer. Since last week's major problems. 

So then what was done today? You may ask. Well, for a start off, now that I am aware of the correct table settings I decided to do two things today. Well, actually 3 things. First of all, I wanted to make the game feel pretty fair - regarding the enemies, when they are on screen. I wanted to check to see whether or not a sprite had left the screen. If it did then it is classed as an offset. I created a few pointers to check whether any enemies are not offset. If not all enemies are offset, then they can move. However, if all enemies are offset, the next group of enemies come on screen. Basically, I check to see if the X position (even when enemies are inside the border) equal the end area - they are classed as being offset. I also had to update the enemy movement routine by stripping out the small loop, and expanding the code. Mainly for setting the offset values per enemy's X-position.

Purple rainforest - Getting darker as your progress

Finally, we wanted to get more of a game feeling to this project, so I worked on the sprite/sprite collision settings. For now, I used the usual box collision routine (as I don't know the pixel perfect collision very well). I typed in the collision routine for each enemy (as this will be expanded later on for scoring points). Where if a bullet hits an enemy object, that enemy will be off the screen. Also for now, I repositioned the bullet as well. So nothing special is happening at the moment. Hopefully when the death animation is set some time later on this week. We'll have more of a game. :)

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