Sunday, 25 November 2012

Back on track again ...

25th November 2012 (Some good news about Amazon Tales)

Yesterday I was stuck on the enemy shooting and felt that there was no way I would be able to get out of the mess. I also thought that I could end up withdrawing my entry for the 2012 16KB Cartridge Competition. Later on before I went out. I came across an idea ... Why have a huge list of tables where you can easily get yourself lost - and simplify programming the shooting routine - To check whether or not the enemy object is a Pygmy, Monkey or anything else that was supposed to shoot.

Well, I put my theory to the test, and tried programming a small routine for each enemy (Can easily be expanded) to check whether the enemy sprites are the objects hoping to be placed in the game, and I also set the firing direction of the chosen enemies. Guess what happened then? It worked :). I was over the moon that the tasks I made were successful today. Now that part of the shooting phase was out of the way, I worked on a few more in game routines. The first one of which will display Get Ready and Game Over sprites for the levels. When I played the game with the enemies shooting - it was hard to play. So it was time for me to simplify things a little.

I programmed a little routine in which allowed the player to have protection for a short period of time. This occurs at the start of a level - or after a life has been lost. It was also to minimize the chance of a multiple loss of lives after one enemy or bullet kills the player and the player gets re-spawned in exactly the same position it died.

Now that was a good result :) Here's a video (with a crappy temporary title screen) of the game in action with the new features.

Since things are now looking quite positive. A submission of Amazon Tales is highly likely for RGCD's 16KB cartridge game compo, this Thursday.

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