Thursday, 11 October 2012

Amazon Tales - Level proceedure

11th October 2012

Last week on Amazon Tales, I got the enemies moving via tables. Although the tables are incomplete, I shall be returning to those on Saturday. Today I programmed some routines in which can detect where the end of each level lies in the map. Alf Yngve's maps had a column of blank blocks. This, I'm assuming represents the end of each level. So I wanted to make it so that when the timer spots the black blocks - it will blank the screen (Later during the project, I'll be adding Get Ready and Well Done sprites to the screen) ... I programmed a loop in which can check for the game scrolling time before switching to the next level.

The Sacred Temple

Secondly, to enhance things a little, I worked on writing some music for Amazon Tales. I loaded up Goat Tracker, composed some new instruments and then worked on composing the tune for the title screen, get ready/well done and game over jingles. Followed by the in game music. I imported the tune into the source code of the game, and got the Get Ready/Well Done jingle to play after every screen blanking interval. Then when the game was ready to start, the music changes to the in game music. Seems to have worked a treat.

More work on this on Saturday.

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