Thursday, 18 October 2012

Enter the tiger

18th October 2012

Today's session on Amazon Tales took a while to work on - especially for the first level. But things are starting to shape up quite nicely. I worked on creating more enemy tables for varying the different types of enemies on screen. Although the result still doesn't look correct and the movements are too plain, I have a few tricks up my sleeve this coming Saturday. I also added a new enemy (which consists of sprites), which are the big tigers. :)

It took me a few hours to think about and work on the new extended tables for the sprite animations, start position, movement, etc but so far a not bad result. Check out our latest video showing the progress of the game so far :)

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  1. ... No blog update last week??? ...

    Main reason for this was because, although I was working on more of the game, nothing new happened. I stumbled across a small problem (Which I hope to solve tomorrow or Saturday) with the storing low/high byte data for sprite positions and sprite frames, according to the table. I know that I typed something incorrectly, and will attempt to sort that problem out this week.