Sunday, 3 October 2010

Taking a short cut

3rd October 2010
I have been working on level 3 and also the final stage of Nyaaaah! 15th anniversary. This time, level 3's the castle underground. After Snodge successfully escaped the water stage. He finds himself in a deadly underground of the evil biblet ruler's castle. Poor Snodge has to fight his way through the hardest part of the castle. Where wall climbing biblets and lava biblets roam and make things hard for poor snodge. Then he has to face the death saw challenge.

When I was designing the level's graphics scheme, it was very tricky to work on at first. It actually took me over an hour to have the correct pixels for each block for this level. Plus level 3 is sort of inspired from Imaginator. The idea of this stage was that Snodge has to persue up and down ladders and platforms to fight the evil biblets, etc before meeting his next challenge - The death saw challenge. Well, this was probably one of the most easiest boss stages I came up with for such a hard stage. Snodge has to face a giant circular saw, in which he's to avoid contact with. After this stage has finished, Snodge goes to the final stage, where he has to meet the evil biblet ruler. Sadly I have only 2 valid objects left for this stage, so I decided to reuse level 1's boss and add a crown and different behaviour to it. That solved my problem.

Now that I have (I think) finished the main game, itself. I can import the work into the SEUCK redux source engine and test the game in action with infinite lives ... Stay tuned!!!

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