Saturday, 14 March 2009

Building a desert

Saturday 14th March 2009

Today received an email from Thorsten about Trash Course. He wanted to show me a little more of the progress he made so far in Sideways SEUCK. I played through Thorsten's work using the cheat mode. Bloody hell! This game is very hard to play in proper test mode, but I liked what Thorsten did so far to the game, although a bit of tidying up might be needed near to the end of the game.

Thorsten asked me if I could draw a big army tank for this level. So I went into the sprite editor and drew 4 sprites, which would form a tank. I never thought that drawing a tank is so bloody awkward. Well, it appears so! Afterwards, I imported the sprites for the big tank into 4 different enemy objects. I altered the settings and set the tank to only shoot to the right and also other bits of the tank, to shoot diagonal. I tested the level out and unfortunately one of the sprites flickered, so I had to remove the diagonal shooting from the big tank. Ah well!

The next thing I did was worked on level 2's background graphics, which is basically a desert stage. So I went into the background editor and then built a brown background. This is for sand. Then afterwards, I built some cactus graphics and also some skull graphics as well. The graphics was a bit awkward at first, but I managed to get something out of it (See picture on the left). A wooden bridge, cacti and also skulls. Nice stuff!

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