Sunday, 22 March 2009

An external C64 disk drive - WICKED

Thursday 19th March 2009, Saturday 21st March 2009, Sunday 22nd March 2009

I was watching a video on YOUTUBE.COM, which contained video footage from a US technology show called ScreenSavers. The video consisted of something interesting, which was to make an external disk drive for the good old Commodore C64, which meant people could load C64 programs from the PC on a Commodore C64. I was very interested and learned that you could do an external disk drive from PC if you owned an X or XE 1541 cable and software such as the 64HDD, a DOS compatible piece of software that can emulate the 1541 disk drive. It was my lucky day, I own an XE1541 cable (Although the sites show how to make one) and I even made a system boot disk on a floppy drive.

So now it was time for me to put it to the test. I extracted all the files to the hard disk on the PC, but unfortunately the software wasn't working properly in MSDOS. I could not go to directories with .D64, and .PRG files that were stored on to the PC. Luckily for me on 22nd March 2009 I reinstalled the software properly and connected the XE1541 cable to my 1541 disk drive and I set up the settings for the disk drive. GREAT, it all works.

I tried loading in a .D64 file of a magazine cover disk. I loaded it up, but unfortunately I had to load the games/demos separately as the 64HDD does not seem to be compatible with various C64 hardware/software fast loaders. It is great to have an external disk drive. It is a shame that I could not load programs that use the software fast load on them though.

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