Monday, 9 March 2009

A bit of Trash Course

Monday 9th March 2009

Well, no blog over the weekend - how unusual. Nothing much happened, except for that I have been rather ill the past 2 days and today, I feel much better. Man, I really hate those coughs and colds and I do get it bad!

After a hard working day, I checked one of my emails and Thorsten (Sledgie), from the, asked for some help with his game project, Trash Course. He came up with the idea that we could use the Gold Quest 4 background graphics using the Sideways SEUCK engine (If you want Sideways SEUCK for your C64, please visit this page here.) Well, the good news is that the block data converted fine, but there were some problems. The roads that I designed were black and Thorsten could not get the rat sprites to blend well with the background, and suggested that colour should be changed. So the roads were changed to dark grey. I also modified the colour of the windows and doors, so that inside, windows were blue, and the door was black. Of course I could easily make more blocks to have different coloured doors, but to be honest I cannot really be asked at this moment in time.

A later email from Thorsten asked me if I could add a new character to the game. Some cheeky dogs. Well, that was easily sorted out and did not take me that long to make. I went to the sprite editor in Sideways SEUCK and then I drew 8 frames for the dog. Drawing the dog facing upwards was very awkward, but that did not stop me from trying. I loved using SEUCK in my old childhood/student memories, and it was great to be back on there again.

After I had the 8 frames for the dog, I created 6 frames for the bone (Which of course will be the dog's bullet). Then I went into the objects editor and made some corrections to some of Thorsten's enemy settings. Then I made some new settings for the dog and the dog's bullet. As soon as the settings were updated for the enemy, I copied the same enemy 3 times and used 2 new colours for the dog objects.

Now I done a test in the attack waves editor to see if all was working correctly for the dog. Seems it worked alright. I just hope Thorsten likes what he sees so far and that he will be happy to put up the level data for the first level up nicely so far.
The production is still at its early stages yet, but should be something fun for SEUCK lovers out there, once Thorsten has built all the levels and I added the enhancements and new front end to the game.

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