Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Raging monsters on the loose

24th February 2009!

Games that Weren't had launched a classic game on to its web site called Monster Museum by Palace Software, a short while ago, and was surprised to see how near to completion this game really was. According to the author, the game was over 90% finished, it needed some final touches, but that was the end of the game.

Anyway, I gave this game a good play and noticed that there were 2 varied versions of this game. One was an earlier version, and the other was probably the main game. I gave this game a bash, but I kept having my head sucked by a mutant plant. That botanic gallery was very tough, I must admit. Still after I got passed that stage, I could not really get any further. It was a tough game, requiring puzzles to be solved for each Gallery, but I enjoyed the game. The music/sounds by the unforgettable C64 legend, Richard Joseph had an atmosphere to it. Especially the plant sucking your head. Which sounds like a horror movie jingle.

I wish that game was 100% finished. It would have been a great commercial title.

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