Saturday, 28 February 2009

Once again in the Amazon

28th February 2009

Well it seems as if I have been rather busy on the programming side of things today. Kenz has sent me a .d64 with the enhanced version of The Last Amazon. (See his blog here) The game sure was cool with bonus weaponry, and also the animation of the flowing water was excellent.

Kenz showed me a .gif preview of the type of Front End he would like for this game. It seems to me that he wants a very simple front end with a bitmap logo at the top, a 2x2 charset in the middle of the screen and 1x1 charset at the bottom of the screen. So I took all of the main SEUCK game files , relocated the tunes for the game, and also the other bits of data and created an ACME cross assembler project then I worked on the main code and compressed it, and my result turned out the same as what Kenz expected on the the .gif image example he showed.

Although Kenz did send a text file for me to add to the message lines, I was unable to add the eyes graphics, and numbers, because the text data was being used as !SCR commands in ACME cross assembler. So some of the things had to be left out! After all programming and testing, it seems that I have got a nice result!

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