Monday, 23 February 2009

Hear the jungle drums playing

23rd February 2009

I was in a music mood today, so I decided to dish out the Demo Music Creator V5.0+, improved by CreaMD/C64.SK (Also available from my web site of course) and do some serious music composing for The Last Amazon 2, as this was the only game that was one game tune short.

I loaded up one of my old tunes and modified some of the instruments slightly. It took about 45 minutes or so to compose, and I ended up with a Tusker-loader(esque) tune in the style of Matt Gray (I loved the original music featured in such a great game by System 3). I kept on playing the tune in the background and boy it did sound catchy. I do hope Kenz and Alf will like this tune.

Now that all of the game tunes for the Last Amazon games are finished, just 2 or 3 more tunes to go for the tape loader. I think the tape loader should use the famous Cyberload colour bars and also a flashing square sprite in the middle. So Martin Piper's IRQ tape loader/master source with some modifications, which I done to display loading picture, etc. should do the trick, quite nicely, just like I did with Egg Catcher as an experiment with the loader source, but I shall remove the 3 digit clock as for picture displays, etc. That'd be rather useless! :)

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