Friday, 2 September 2016

Let the Invasion Commence [PART 4]

29th August - 2nd September 2016

This probably has been the most active week on this game project. So far now. Last week I managed to get 11 levels done so far in the game. Well this week, I wanted to do some more this week. I managed to get 23 levels done. However, most of this week I decided to take a little break from working on levels, and I decided to do some other things with this game, during my spare time.

First up, for a couple of days or so, I wanted a little break from game programming, so I decided to boot up Goat Tracker and compose some in game music. The music turned out very trance like, but when I imported the tune a day later into the game. Suits the theme quite well. I may have added a scrolling 2x2 tile behind the invaders, but I have another trick to add to it. Wouldn't it be better if the grid flashed any time the trance drums kicked in? Maybe next week.

For now ... I decided to re-design the character set for the game, and title, to make it slightly more modern. I was tempted to create a new front end for the game, as I was just bored with the game preview title screen. Well, I got carried away and made a more presentable title screen. It features a char-scroller inside the logo (Where 2 multicolours are mixed together), a scroll text and also the alien scoring. I also added an alien scoring display, and also the music/sfx options. (The charsets at the top of the front end will reveal those). I also created a new 2x2 charset for the main game, itself to make it look quite modern as well.

More work is to be done on the game project in the near future, but I am very happy with the work done on it so far. After adding all of the levels into the game, the power ups will be next on the agenda, and also the flashing grid for the trance music (and different grid tiles for each level). I also have the high-score table/name entry to add to the game as well.

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