Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Darker than Light

3rd-8th July 2014

Back in January 2014. I worked on a SEUCK game co-op with Alf Yngve called "Dark Force". The challenge was originally to get a first release out for new year's day. It failed and got released later on during that month. February/March saw a re-relase of the same game, with a few extra enhancements. Only major drawback was the SEUCK slow-down syndrome... Eurgh!

Now today on 8th July 2014 before I set off to my work place. I am very pleased to reveal the that the final version of Dark Force. It is Dark Force - Redux. The whole game data was imported into the SEUCK Redux frame work, which Martin Piper supplied on github. I also did a lot of additional hard work programming this production the past 4 days. Including re-programming the new front end. Enhancing the background level settings. Here's the overall result.

- Black/Blue loading screen with loading picture and music (Music from the TND intro on the disk version 'Emotions from Heaven')
- New front end with Hi-Score table, as before, but logo had to be carefully downgraded to 3 colour logo mode, due to lack of memory space for bitmaps.
- Slight tweak of an instrument on the front end tune
- Different background colour schemes for each level
- Intelligent enemy fire (Fires bullets in the direction of where the player was last positioned).
- Most important of them all ... No more SEUCK slow-down syndrome

What originally was meant to have been an experiment with SEUCK, turned into a fun 'game inspired by 'Light Force' by FTL.

If you would like to try out the SEUCK Redux engine, then check out:

Martin's C64 Repository on Github

For the C64 game Dark Force, please visit:

The New Dimension - Download games page

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