Friday, 27 September 2013

Let's INVERT even more

25th - 27th September 2013

Yet another busy few days and MORE progress, resulting to the project estimated at 99% completion. So then what has been happening?. Last week I discovered a problem with the hi-score name entry again. The bug appeared where the player achieved a hi score as THIRD place. I entered my name, using the joystick control. Then pushed FIRE to end the name. It stored the name in FIRST PLACE position, and the HI SCORE not on screen. That was a silly bug, which was just incomplete. I forgot to add a "BNE" or "BPL" to a label in which loops the number of characters - and just moved on to another routine. Today, this has been fixed.

Apart from that what other things have been happening? Well Wednesday and yesterday I was working on building the game levels, simply by typing in BYTE values. I used the BYTE values as 2x2 map blocks, and placed them manually like you would with bricks. The levels were then stored to a temp map, which then forms the permanent map on to the screen (by reading rows and columns from the BYTE tables). Last week I did only 12 levels, some were redesigned. I worked a couple of hours or so yesterday designing and TESTING each level bit by bit, to see the possibility of completing it. Well, later levels are most definitely hard, but if you play well, it is possible to complete every level. I was happy with the final result with the level design.

After being happy with the level designs. I worked on the ending. I loaded up the Multi Screen Construction Kit, and the game charset and created some end graphics. Then used the VICE M/C monitor to capture and store the screen data. I tried the same with the colour data - but seems I forgot to save the colour data correctly. I started programming the new routines for the end sequence. I came up with an idea, which simulates the player escaping from his Puzzle prison, enters space, and ends up back in its own world. Then a surprise end. It represents something I usually do on a Thursday evening. That'll be your guess :)

After some long hours testing yesterday. I can confirm game is now 99% finished. All I need to do is a little bit of tidying up of the game sprites (Maybe redesign them, as they do look very amateurish.). Also sort out the bomb positions, to make them much fairer. The accuracy of the moving bombs isn't correct. There are a few possibilities on how to solve this problem. The final update might be next week.

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