Monday, 20 August 2012

Into space we go

Monday 20th August 2012.

Missed us? Oh, I bet you did. I was on holiday for 2 weeks. Anyway this weekend I got started on working on the end screen for Trance Sector. Nothing has yet been programmed, but I am aiming to start on the main programming of the game ending hopefully tomorrow. So then what has been happening this time round? Well simply graphics, graphics, graphics. I came up with an idea in which was to get an apocalyptic ending for the game.

On Saturday I loaded up the Multi Screen Construction Kit on my 1541 Ultimate 2 device (Yep, I received that Monday last week and it has been a MAJOR distraction to me. Hahaha. Great piece of kit.) I loaded up the MSCK to draw the end screen (Oh I already said that), but I had to use the existing charset and I still had chars free for this exciting finale for the game. I drew a few stars then I drew a green ground using a single char (Nothing else was required). Then a factory was drawn. It took me a while to work on the factory itself. I added a little detail to the top of the factory, simply by giving it some pylons, and wires.I put the whole screen together and it looked great.

What about today? Well, I have been drawing a few more sprites, in which I felt would suit the end screen. I drew a few sprites which consist of a little man. The general idea for the little man is to simply appear from one of the doors of the factory. Then jump into a space craft and get the heck out of there, while the factory's exploding. I drew a few frames of the player's space ship which was difficult for me to draw. I took a look at a screen shot of Armalyte to give me inspiration. The space ship looks quite similar, but isn't the same as the commercial game. I didn't even rip the sprite out - that'd be bad. I added some flame animations to the sprite.

A second scenario has been planned, which has the player's ship going into deep space and escaped the planet. Then throws a mega bomb onto the hostile planet to destroy it. Since I didn't have enough chars in MSCK to draw the planet. I used 4 sprites for drawing the planet for the finale. Also a few frames for the game sprites. Starting to look quite good - I haven't even programmed the end sequence in yet - but I will start on this tomorrow. :)

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