Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Bah, bah, blast sheep!

1st - 2nd October 2011

It's another Sheep episode. Well, I have been doing some more programming on this game project. Shaun sent me some new sprites for this game. I check those out and I was very impressed. So I imported the sprites which he made using SEUCK into SpritePad and then saved a raw set to import into the source code. I had to alter the sprite animation tables and also the colours. I also set certain sprites for certain animations, so that the sprites will work correctly in the assembled source. If I did not change those frames according to the data tables, things would have looked very odd :)

Secondly I received some new level data which used new character sets. Yet again, I had to update the collision pointers so that it makes an impact on the player's sheep. (Collision chars). This worked quite well, but some of the collision pointers make it look odd for the player's sheep. After correcting the pointers (so that the Sheep can walk in the snow for level 6), I worked on setting up the correct colours for the new sprites. Great. Looked much better new.

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