Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Sheepoid gets a good whacking

28th September 2011

Man I am still recovering from a hard working day and also yesterday's pub session. Well, no pub today. Although it has been lovely and warm for it. Well, we cannot exactly go to the pub everyday can we huh?. Anyway, enough pub talk. Let's just get on with this blog shall we?

Well, I was a bit late to get back on to Woolly Jumper. This week. Although I was off from work over the weekend, I have been busy with Trojahn for the Shoot Em Up Destruction set. Only one more program to go for the SEUDS 2 compilation - Which I will be working on this coming Saturday. But that final program will be a surprise :)

Anyway, today I downloaded Shauns latest graphics update, which he drew using Arkitec. I took a look at the map and was concerned about one of the levels which was in the slaughter world. It turned out to be that one of the platforms needed to be extended a little. So I expanded the platform by 2 blocks, so that the sheep can land on the platform. Otherwise it would have been mighty impossible to land on to that particular platform without losing a life. I also noticed that Shaun added some shaded chars, which were used as pointers for the platforms. So I updated the charset by removing the stuff. I took a look at level 5's background. It's definitely much better now. The sheep should be able to jump over the girders no problem. I'm pretty much happy with this.

After being happy with the map, I saved all the data from the Arkitec and then exported the files into the source code and tested the game with it. Feels much more comfortable now. The next thing for me to deal with is the attack waves. The aliens seem to appear on the screen too frequently. So I programmed a little routine which allows them to appear on to the screen after a delay timer has been hit. I also re-enabled the collision detection. Also added scoring of 200 points per aliens hit.

The game's too hard for the player to be able to move around. Making the production still quite unplayable. Especially if after losing a life, the sheep hits a deadly background and dies straight away. Something had to be done with this problem. I came up with a big solution to this problem, which was to program a routine which checks for whether or not the player has a temporary shield enabled. If the shield is enabled, then the player will not get killed by any baddies or deadly, nor will the sheep drown when falling in the water. After the shield timer wears out. Poor the poor sheep could be in trouble if the player makes the wrong move :)

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  1. Good work Richard! I think that the sheep's jump needs more of a velocity curve to it, faster in ascent, then slowing as you reach max height, then the reverse when falling (to make it look more natural) but aside from that this looks like one of your best mini games to date :)