Sunday, 18 October 2015

More code blapped and bashed. It's another Breakout!

10th October 2015

I love breakout games, and I always wanted to try and make a new one most of the breakout games failed miserably and were too bugged. First came ACME Bricks, followed by Sheep Out. After all the hard work from Summer 2015 - October 2016, another Breakout game pops by ... and success - it worked out extremely well.'Blap 'n Bash' is born.

Imagine what it would be like to control two bats with one joystick. One at the top of the screen and another at the bottom. Well, "Blap 'n Bash" is the answer to this, a funny breakout game with a unique twist (I think ... maybe I'm wrong).

The game concept is simple, hit a ball with your bat, smash the bricks, and avoid the ball from hitting the danger zone. Well, it sounds easy enough - but when you have to control two bats with one mind. Things will really do go crazy. Collect the power ups to enhance the game play. These will either speed your ball up, slow the ball down, turn it red and burn through the bricks, place a temporary barrier across the red lazers, give an extra life. An additional two power ups are quite unique. There's the 'TREMOR MODE', where the whole screen shakes during play - sending you dizzy. Finally there is the 'TRANCE MODE', a crazy strobe effect which plays to the trance music. A loss of life or level completion will disable this.

My game also consists of in game animation, 16 fun levels, aliens galore, and also a nice party-themed ending. Also to give the game sort of a classic 'OCEAN' feeling. A loading picture, with a the TND Premiere loading tune is used.

If you would like to try Blap 'n Bash out ... Download it from The New Dimension

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