Saturday, 7 March 2015

Back with a STING!

7th March 2015

Okay, so last time, Honey Bee was left alone for a bit in order to get the main Trance Sector Ultimate finished in time for GubbData. Since I have nothing else to do for Trance Sector. I decided to move back on to finishing off the final version of Honey Bee. Would you like to know what has been happening so far this month? Well, fear not, here it comes.

Last time when I was working on the final version of Honey Bee. I imported Steve Day's status panel into the game code, and worked on the new front end, made amendments to it and flipped the screen, added the game sprites. The style of the front end is pretty similar to what I did for Woolly Jumper, except for it is on a light blue background, with a static colourful effect on the scroll text chars.

After I was happy with the new front end, I wanted to add an intro sequence to the game. So I designed the intro background (as well as the end background) using Jon Well's Multi Screen Construction Kit. Then captured the screen to import into the source code. The background was basically the outside world. Similar to the in game graphics. Honey Bee comes on to the screen and introduces himself, and asks for help from the player to do a job for him. He also declares himself to be a very clumsy bee.

After completing the intro sequence, I decided to work on the end sequence. Where Honey Bee meets queen bee. After successfully completing his task. He gets a big surprise. Which I won't tell you what it is. You'd have to wait until the game is completely finished. ;)

Finally the End Screen was complete. I decided to work on the high score table name entry. Once again, it is the same type of joystick controlled name entry. The screen looked rather boring at first, as I did that many times. I decided to add a bit of fun animation. Where you have 8 Honey Bee sprites whizzing across the screen, while wrapping downwards. This made the name entry screen look more attractive.

Since the Hi-Score routine is now finished. My next job this week will be to create a BONUS game, in which involves a horizontal background scrolling trick, some random rocks, and some gems. This is so that Honey Bee can collect objects in order to score points, increasing the possibility of gaining extra lives.

After that, if there's still enough memory. I'll be making sound sound effects and add an option for in game sound effects as well as music. Followed by the final testing and disk + tape mastering. Hopefully by the end of this month Honey Bee should be finished, and released.

Keep watching my blog to find out what happens next.

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