Sunday, 8 April 2012

Lights out please

7th April 2012

Back to TranceSector. Well then what has been happening this time round? Well I worked much harder on the game. In fact I spent most of my afternoon getting the game get some more action. Last week you may have remembered that I got those rockets moving left and right. Well, this time I programmed some AI routines in which will give rockets more of a bad behaviour. I added a routine where a rocket is in direct of the player, the rocket will sweep up/down or across the screen towards its target. This will cause the player to want to move out the way. As soon as I was happy with this, I added an extra routine in which makes the rockets explode after they hit the wall in AI mode :)

Although I worked on the rockets behaviour patterns, and explosion animation (Which still requires tweaking). I started working on the Sprite/Background collision. I programmed the routine like how I usually did, but I come across a slight snag (As this pic below shows). Instead

of the player switching off the lights as it moves on to them. The player going up/down switches all of the lights off, where as moving across switches half of the lights off. This isn't really suppose to happen, so I'm going to need to think of a solution to solving this problem. If nobody gets back to me, then I'll have to have think of an extra trick up my sleeve. :)

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