Friday, 13 April 2012

Unlucky for some

13th April 2012

13 is an unlucky number. Not really :) Trance Sector's progressing pretty well, as I have had spent time working on it during my 2 hour spare time in the morning. I got the collision with the blockers to work correctly, and also got the score in action. The only problem I seem to get is where the player hits the conveyor belt chars. If the player hits the belt, the belt routine pushes the player the direction it moves ... Good ... BUT, the full sprite is not moving on the actual belt chars ... BAD. The new sprite/background collision routine's even LESS complex compared to the one I used to keep using.

While I am still trying to find a solution to this problem, I got all background animated, and also I built 8 levels for a playable preview of the game, which seems to be working okay - except for the game is really difficult. Oh well, tweaking this weekend I guess :)

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