Saturday, 24 March 2012

TranceSector's under development

24th March 2012

RV is just around the corner (In about 6/7 weeks time) and I have started working on a new C64 game for the event. If you remember the classic 'Transector' by Argus Press Software's 30 games compilation. I have decided to a bigger remake of the game. Reason for this: TS was

too difficult to play with so much colour clashing (to the scroll) going on. Enter TranceSector.
What was Transector all about? Basically, it is a game in which you moved a little space ship around the game area collecting all of the pods, and avoiding getting zapped by the
trigger happy cannons. The game would have been good, if there was no colour cycling in the scrolling chars.

My version's planned to be completely different. The concept will vaguely be the same as Transector, apart from the player will be a 2x2 sprite having to pick up the pods, avoiding to get hit by heat seekers. I'm also planning to make the game more puzzling, in which after a few levels a new feature's added. The new features planned for my game project have also been drawn and put together as objects. They are:

- Blocker (Steel brick style object, forcing the player to bump into it)
- Conveyor belts (Move the player if it is on those)
- Trick switch (If pods still exist, the trick switches will bring all pods back on screen, making the game more trickier and confusing :))
- Trap (You will get stuck and the heat seekers will get you
- Hole (Don't fall in there, whatever you do).

So far I only worked on the character sets and started building the in game screens using the Multi Screen Construction Kit and so far have 6 levels designed and mapped. Due to less spare time I had this week, I only gone as far as level 6's design. I will be doing more this week, but here's a couple of screen shots to tease you :)

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