Monday, 22 August 2011

The squadron invades the loading screen

21st August - 22nd August 2011

Yesterday as well as doing some work for Woolly Jumper, I also have been a busy man (As Sundays are indeed boring TV wise) and I worked on some loading music for the Super Tau Zeta tape loader. It was composed using DMC V5.0+ and is basically a rendition of my composition, which I originally did using Madtracker for the Super Tau Zeta promo video on YouTube. I thought the music sounded quite good for one reason or another.

Later on I stumbled across a loading picture which was made for this game drawn by STE'86. The loader pic was uploaded on to the CSDB and I was very impressed with the work he made with the pic, so I downloaded it (As I know that it'll be exactly the same loader pic for the game) and saved the image to koalapaint format, ready for the next tape master.

Alf Yngve got back to me with a text for me to put down for after the game has been complete to replace the original ending which hardly fit one screen - and that was all I had left memory wise. Manually typed in the end text finding it to be quite a sad ending, but would suit the game nicely, although the ending is a remix of the Super Tau Zeta video tune (again). Once I tested everything the game's working fine, the ending works - no crashing. So I mastered the whole thing to tape using the same loader as I did for Bloodwheels (All of those games except for the bonus game by Alf, himself will be using the

Ocean style loader colour cycle scheme). Finally it's done :)

My next project for SEUDS 2 will be 2000 Kung Fu Maniacs. Alf Yngve has given me ideas for the new power ups (Which I will be implementing into the game this week) but I shall not tell you what they are anywhere in the blog ... They're really a big surprise and guaranteed to have you gamers laughing as well :).

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