Monday, 18 April 2011

A new front end

Monday 18th April 2011
It was yet again my day off work and I decided to work on the front end for the new Alf Yngve game for Psytronik Software. I had some nice looking ideas for the front end, which unfortunately required a lot of time with raster timing. I got the logo to display and also the credits charset, however I had come across a slightly annoying problem with the source code. The timing of those nice looking colour bars. I had to muck around with the source a little before I got the final result for the static text. I just have the scroll text raster timing to work on. The front end looks quite nice, but is still unfinished. I'm considering to add a simple sprite star field on to the title screen, and also some game options and high score table. Anyway, results are looking good so far. :)

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  1. OT, but, I made an amateur animusic style video to the C64 song, "BeatBassie".

    Feel free to watch it on YouTube:

    Nah, I didn't upload the tune to remix64 - they usually reject all my songs (probably cause they stink)....