Sunday, 22 February 2009

A new intro

21st February 2009

As well as my normal C64 web site, featuring my own game productions. I have finally built up a blog page for anyone interested to see some of the things that I get up to and what I have been doing as well.

I have been doing a bit of programming this morning in ACME. Well, I did originally start is a few days ago. About a few weeks ago, somebody had emailed me a TND logo, so I decided to program a new TND intro, using the ACME cross assembler. I had a few slowdowns with this piece of code, due to making little mistakes with the raster time. I even had crashed the C64 by making a typo error with the 2x1 scroll text display routine. After the typo was fixed, the intro finally turned out pretty nice. I might use that for any future games, demos or utilities I write :)

Here's a video of the intro in action (Recorded in WinVice and converted to MPEG)

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