Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Holiday to Norway PT 6 - At sea again - Last day!

Monday 27th April 2009

We were returning back to Tilbury at sea. I was very disappointed that it was our last day. There wasn't much we could do on board the ship, but we managed to keep ourselves amused - most of the time playing UNO, where I kept on thrashing Philip at this game. I am just too good at it. Then we played Scrabble, guess what? I lost again. And we also played Checkers, which I also lost.

After lunch we went to the club room for the final informative lecture about Norway, this time it was about What the Norwegians did for us. It was a very interesting and quite amusing lecture about some of the history, but Norway was an interesting and great country which Philip and I visited.

Overall with our holiday, we had a wonderful experience on the cruise and also down the Norwegian Fjords. It was fantastic and I would love to visit Norway again in say, 2 or 3 years time. Or something like that. :)

Sadly I am unable to give you any screen shots of the areas that we visited as Philip has not yet got the photos converted on to the PC. :)

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