Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Holiday to Norway PT 3 - Ulvik

Friday 24th April 2009

When I woke up this morning I looked outside the window of our cabin and we saw a beatiful view. We made it to the Fjords of Ulvik. We had breakfast and then got our jackets on and set off to the tender, which took us over to the banks and then we got on to the coach to start the tour.

The tour guide seems to have been enjoying his job, as he loves coach entering the tunnels. We stopped at our first stop, which was the short ferry ride across the Fjord of Ulvik. It took 10 minutes to cross the Fjord, then we moved on to the Nature Centre. It was quite interesting. Following that we went to a water fall, which was quite pretty. Then we got to an old church, which was still being renovated. After we got back on to the coach, the passengers screamed 'CAT - Watch out, watch out!' The driver had almost ran the passing cat over with his coach, and the tour guide got excited and said: 'Oooh dear, looks like that cat almost got run over, what a shame. Ah well :o)'.

The tour was very amusing but went too quick. Philip and I got back on to the ship and the ship sailed off to the next destination, Gudvangen - which will take half a day or so. So Philip and I went to the games room and played a chess game called Checkers (I think this game is called Dame in Germany, not sure TBH). I taught him how to play the game, but unfortunately for me I was always beaten. He was too good at this game.

It was tea time, we had a buffet meal and sadly the food this time wasn't that nice. It was fish and I dislike eating fish, except for salmon, sardines, tuna, pilchards, etc. Unfortunately the fish was scampi and code, rough, etc. Horrible! I did not even know that the food was going to be fish as the food wasn't labelled.

It was 'Informal' for the dress code on the ship, so I donned my shirt and trousers and went to the piano bar. Had a couple of colas and then went into the games room again and played checkers again. Sadly I still lost. Maybe I can play a different game with Philip tomorrow night. :P

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