Sunday, 1 March 2009

A night to remember!

28th February 2009

What a night I have been having. Myself, my family and my friends from my work place all joined me for my belated 30th Birthday bash at a Greek restaurant, Zorbas. We had a great 3 course meal, a couple of pints of Carling and entertainment was also thrown at us as well. We ended up doing the Zorbas dance, and also enjoyed the entertainment. There were a few surprises, and one which I could not forget.

There was a beautiful lady (probably about my age) entered the room and did belly dancing, and to keep the party going people were randomly pulled on to the middle floor to try and belly dance with her, and I was one of them. Well, it was difficult for me to belly dance, but I sure had some great fun with this. Another surprise was that my work mates did not have to pay the bill as the people who organized this party (Mum+Dad) paid for it themselves. I wanted to contribute to the bill, but they said No, you don't have to do that. Secondly, I ended up with a funny looking cocktail but I did not drink it all because I had a sort of allergic reaction to it. Yes, seems I am allergic to Vodka, so I shall keep away from that strong drink.

After the belly dancing came the disco. It was a pretty good disco as well. I had a great time. Fantastic night. A night to remember. After the party, when I got home to go to bed, I was feeling a bit dizzy and threw up in the toilet - and cleaned up after myself. I probably drunk too much cola or it may have been the effect of that cocktail. Bed time now, so goodnight!

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